Our Services

We offer several different services; get in touch with us and lets find out what we can collaborate on.

Some of the things that we do

Virtual Simulation Multimedia Production Data Visualization & Analysis
Digital training tools for use in
classroom and research for immersive
experiences and learning platforms
through Virtual Reality and
Augmented Reality.
Graphics, animated visualizations,
interactive web deployments and
mobile app development to suit
anything from promotional materials,
publication materials or content to
be used in classrooms or research.
From geospatial to tomographic, the
Envision Center can assist in data
handling, production, analysis, and
tool creation for visualizing complex
3D data.


All Purdue Faculty, Students, and Staff are eligible for Envision Center services with our University approved internal rates. Clients external to Purdue University may also contract with the Envision Center using the appropriate rates including overhead and licensing fees. All projects, proposals, and consulting begin with an initial meeting to assess the scope of our involvement and is followed up with an estimate of our services and a Statement of Work.